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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Notes for Monday's Complaints to the Post Office

I drop the F-Bomb a few times towards the end. Be warned, that is all.

Our post office... sucks. For real lack of a better word. BUT if there's one thing I REALLY hate though, is bad customer service. I despise it. Despise.

On Thursday, I missed a parcel from my biological grandmother. No real biggie, although I do LOVE getting stuff from her. I called & rescheduled it for Friday.

It didn't come. I called again, irritated this time so I filed a complaint but didn't request a callback, and scheduled another reschedule. For Saturday.

It didn't come. {We got our mail but no parcel. No knock on the door to say "Hey, I'm coming back in the next hour with a parcel for you, when I'm done delivering this large bag of mail." I don't expect my mail carriers to carry my shit around all day, but I DO expect a knock on the door if we're expecting a redelivery.}

So I phoned the 800 number and filed yet another complaint, this time requesting that I get a call back. The very nice gal on the phone (who initially apologized to me and was very kind and took all the appropriate customer service steps to ensure we fix this problem) also gave me the direct number to the station that services my zip code, in case I wanted to call them personally. She must know I like to do that.

I've called there before. See, we've had LOTS of trouble with our carriers {it's a different person every day}. Mainly things like getting our neighbor's mail (they had a dog and the guy didn't like putting mail in the door slot so for a month we'd be delivering mail to our neighbor; not a terrible inconvenience but it's not my job!), receiving "Sorry We Missed You" slips when I've been sitting on the couch 5 feet from the door all day (!#@$%^&*), and the time we 'coincidentally' didn't receive mail on Tuesdays for like two months. Just Tuesdays.

So I called. Kim answered the phone. Yep, using her real name. What a bitch! I started the conversation by requesting to speak to the mail carrier supervisor. She goes "That me." {That's not a typo, she said "That Me".} I explained my issue and expressed my irritation "I've had to HERE. Like, if you could see me, my hand is above my head. Here. I have it had it to here." I might have been bitchy about it ~ frankly, I'm entitled to be a bitch about it at this point though. {Yes, I am. I don't HAVE to be a bitch but if I want to be ~ I can be at this point.} And instead of doing what she SHOULD HAVE DONE, she goes "Mmmhmm." Mmmhmmm? No, 'Sorry'. No, 'Can I get the confirmation number for the redelivery so we can check out what happened'. The correct answer, KIM, is "Maam, I am so sorry we are having trouble getting your parcel to you. Can you give me the confirmation number for the redelivery and I'll go investigate what happened."

I maybe shouldn't have been all up-in-arms but frankly, it's not MY job to be nice in this situation. It's HER job to be nice to me and to fix the problem. If I'm not swearing or threatening, which I wasn't, then she should be nice... She should be apologetic (like the other gal at the 800# was). I shouldn't have to prompt her to take down my confirmation numbers and look stuff up for me.

Had she been walking instead of talking, her feet would have been dragging on the floor. Dragging. There was a constant silence on the other line. I almost felt like she was FaceBooking while talking to me, do you know what I mean?

So after I prompt her to take down my redelivery confirmation number, she goes "There's nothing here in my system with that number." Now, I find this hard to believe and I tell her so because I just got off the phone with the USPS who had no trouble assigning or finding this number the past two days. I tell her "Sorry, I don't mean to say that I don't believe you but... I don't believe you!" Then the bitch goes on to tell me (with the same lazy attitude from before) "Well, *I* printed out the papers this morning and there was nothing about a redelivery. There was just a package pick-up on...(then she tried to give me a street name, as if I give a fuck where the package pick-up was scheduled)." Again, no "sorry I can't find this number, give it me again because maybe I put in the wrong numbers." Just a complete denial of there even being a parcel at all. Which of course, makes me even more mad. She's IMPLYING that I'm asking for a parcel that doesn't exist! THE NERVE.

At that point, I see that KIM is useless, a bitch, a lazy ass bitch who isn't going to be able to help out today. I requested her supervisor's name. Then I continued the conversation. I had her look up my complaint confirmations to see if she was able to find those. She was. That's what she told me, "I got that one." Then silence. No, "I read over the complaint and now I see why you are so upset about this." Just silence. So then I had to prompt her to look up the second complaint.

The rest of our conversation involved her being a bitch and basically like not-giving-a-shit that she fucked up. I mean, if she was in charge of the carriers, I can only assume she'd also be the one in charge of making sure re-deliveries/pick-ups/etc happen. I am no longer angry with my mail carrier ~ I see now that it wasn't her/his fault.

It was Kim's fault. And she was a bitch about it. A Class-A Bitch. 

She ended up finding my parcel {imagine THAT}{"I was able to find your parcel. It here."} { and only through my own prompts to run my re-delivery confirmation numbers again, and after sitting on hold way too many times to be appropriate} and she confirmed TWICE. TWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE to me that my parcel would arrive on Saturday before close.

I do want it noted here that after Kim twice confirmed I would receive my parcel on Saturday, I apologized to her saying "Thanks! I really appreciate you getting that out to me today! Kim, I'm sorry for biting your head off earlier; unfortunately though as supervisor, you are in the position where that is bound to happen from time to time. Have a great rest of your day, Thanks for getting my parcel out!"

My parcel. Never. Came.

As it all turns out, I could have picked up my missed parcel in less time than it would take the US Postal Service to do so. {I had the option of picking it up two days after Thursday if I didn't take the option of calling for a next day re-delivery. I have three young kids. Like I'm packing them up to drive to a post office in the ghetto to pick up a parcel.}



Wow. Not only was she a BITCH the entire time (not ONE apology for their office fucking things up), but she LIED to me. LIED. As I see the situation, I don't see what else could have happened that day other than her deciding to not call my carrier to come back and redeliver the package. Yes, we had a snowstorm LATER THAT DAY (well past the time of being able to use it as an excuse, plus it wasn't even sticking on the roads, so...) but isn't the motto of the USPS to deliver mail in any kind of weather? You can't count on the milkman, but at least you know your mail will get there, right? 

See, and what Dumbass Kim doesn't realize, is that had I received my parcel on Saturday like she confirmed I was going to, I would have dropped the whole matter before Monday even rolled around. But now, I gotta call her supervisor and complain about a ton of stuff. As a "supervisor" Kim probably should have realized that. Do I believe she's actually a "supervisor"? No. A real supervisor would have known the  correct way to speak to a customer & would have fixed the problem.

I'm also calling the 800# AGAIN and filing yet another complaint.

Thank you for reading my vent. It will provide me with a good set of notes from which to base my Monday Bright & Early Conversation with Carlene, supervisor of Kim. 

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