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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ March 27, 2011

I love Scavenger Hunt Sundays. 
The kids {and my Hubby, who am I kidding!} usually prevent me from participating. But I really do enjoy it. And seriously, Mrs. Ashley Sisk has got to be one of the NICEST bloggers out there! Her blog is one of my favorites so I do like to participate in her challenges. Plus, I have learned SO MUCH from her about photography & life & faith, whether or not she was trying to teach. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way!
What a well-rounded blog {and blogger!}. :) 

So.... Scavenger Hunt Sunday.... this week, I took ALL the pictures this morning. In the span of like half-hour. In my kitchen. Well, the one is from my pantry. :) It was my own challenge-within-a-challenge. I did pretty well, I think! :) 

Here we go! The items this week are:
Decay, Groups of 3, Kitchen, Things That Make You Go Hmmmm, and 'Me Time'

{decay ~ a "plant" in my kitchen window. i think i'll plant a new one this year and try again!}

{groups of 3 ~ measuring cups inverted! one of my newest favorite filters!! thankyouverymuch, ashley!}

{things that make you go 'hmmm' ~ i'm such an advocate for eating fresh, natural, un-processed food. yet, i continue to buy boxed (organic!) macaroni & cheese by the case for my children. hmmmmm.}

{kitchen ~ my love. my green kitchen-aid mixer. i had it long before i was married. i like that i can see the rest of the kitchen & myself in the glare. though perhaps i should have given it a little wipe-down first. i can see some flour on it.}

{"me time" ~ i love blogging. my husband delayed me three hours in posting this because one of his friends was over and i was "being rude". whatever. they were watching basketball! i love to blog. i love to read your blogs. i love blogging. it's totally some of my "me time".}

Go on your own Scavenger Hunt Sunday and link up the pictures so we can all check them out! Link up at Ashley's Blog ~ the items are listed there & at the top of my post! Have fun!

Thanks so much for swinging by my blog. :) 


  1. Love the measuring cups! I always wondered what I could use that inverted filter for!! Thanks! {and... I'm totally jealous of your GREEN kitchen-aid mixer. That is about the coolest thing I've seen in a long time!}



  2. What great shots. This is the second green Kitchen aid I have seen on the hunt. How fun.. I have a white one.. Boring..

  3. Hello Meg
    Thanks for stopping by...very neat idea inverting the photo for groups of 3 . I LOVE IT!! Love that green mixer. I have the same one only mine is white!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE MINE!!

  4. You are way too sweet Meg - I personally love your ME shot...I'm not sure what I woudl do without a little blogging.

  5. Great shots this week! Your green mixer rocks! ...and I love your new header!

  6. How funny that we chose almost identical shots for kitchen! I only use mine occasionally since I'm not much of a cook, but I sure like the looks of it!

  7. You have a green kitchen aid and I am green with envy (wow--didn't see that one comin' did ya? I am SO cliche)! Fun shots!

  8. These are great - I love your three mixing cups - what great processing on that shot :D

  9. Very cool group of 3 shot! Gorgeous mixer! :)

  10. Love your groups of 3 shot. What do you mean by inverted? Great selection of photos.