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Friday, January 28, 2011

Peanut Allergy, I tried to be short. Truly. I did.

Snowdrop has a peanut allergy. This information we know because I saw her have an allergic reaction to the peanut butter I fed her for lunch and then I had to fly to Walgreens with all three girls to save her from it.

Her doctor agreed with my description of the reaction and prescribed us a Peanut-Free Lifestyle, along with two Epi-Pens (one for home, one for Gigi's).

For the record, I love PB. I eat a jar of it every few months, just by myself.
Without question, I'd move to a peanut-free-state if I had to in order to keep my baby safe.
On the way home, I cried and cried. And then I embraced my germ-phobias and cross-contamination-phobias because it means all that phobia stuff, just prepared me for the attention to peanut-free that I'll need to be... In our home. In other peoples' homes. In public.

Snowdrop is lucky to have me as her mom, because I'm good at being careful. Better safe than sorry.

Of course, upon calling my mother to tell her what happened and upon telling my husband what happened, BOTH of them completely disregarded me and our doctor in full ~ my mother said she doesn't trust our doctor for not having Snowdrop allergy tested. My husband isn't willing to change our lifestyle because it's not "for sure" that she has the allergy.

Since when are the classic allergy signs not a "for sure".
Especially with peanuts.

Her reaction is for sure enough for me. And our doctor. You know, the lady who spent years earning a medical degree and learning these things so she could help patients like my children. I find it so degrading, so irritating, so offensive to the work I have put in as a mother, that my husband doesn't trust me OR her on this. Aside from all this, she didn't give a lifetime expiration date on this ~ she just said the next couple years and then we can try peanuts again. Two years. That's all. Two. 2. Dos. Deux. Not the rest of our lives.

Anyways, we're getting a blood test done tomorrow {and I'll post as soon as I know the results!}. Actually, WE is a little exaggeration. My husband, who can't stand to hear his babies cry and who hates the sight of blood, he gets to take Snowdrop in. He gets to hear her scream, he gets to watch the nurse stick her a few times until they find the right vein. And as much as I'd like for the test to show that she doesn't have an allergy to peanuts and that I'm wrong.... there's a tiny {okay, not too tiny} person inside of me who can't wait to introduce our new Peanut-Free Lifestyle to everyone involved in our life. You know, right after my middle finger goes up and I get my slice of Humble Pie.

I need a very strong drink.
{don't worry, i won't start drinking until naptime.}
{that was a joke.}
{really it was. i won't actually start drinking until the babysitter gets here.}

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  1. I really don't like it when people don't trust mom's intuition. Hope the blood test wasn't too bad.