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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge ~ Random Acts of Kindness

This week at I Heart Faces is a week off from photo challenges but there is still a "thing" going on. The theme this week is "Random Acts of Kindness". I think the idea behind it is to share pictures of a time when you used your photography as a random act of kindness for someone. One person shared a photo from a series she did of a family who had no home. Another person shared photos she takes of dogs available for adoption at her local shelters. This week's challenge also goes hand in hand with a charity called "Inspiration Through Art (Littlest Heroe's Project)". I couldn't figure out how grab their button but you can check them out here. The Inspiration Through Art/Littles Heroes Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young people to give back, and make a difference through the beauty of art.

I am not a professional so I struggled a bit with this week's challenge last night. I thought about it for a long time and determined I had never used my photography to "help" someone or for someone's benefit. I mainly just take pictures of my kids! Or the cat! :)

It wasn't until I was doing laundry later that night... that I got an idea. Or, the idea found me. I discovered something in the basket. Discovered... or perhaps, rescued? Could it be, a "random act of kindness" had found me. Kindness of some sort of all? I decided to grab the camera and have some fun! I knew my girls would enjoy seeing pictures of Little Clown's adventure in the laundry. So, a random act of kindness was born. The kindness of a story for my daughters.

(Please note this post isn't meant to trivialize the real, true, and good random acts of kindness posted by other readers and bloggers. I only mean to have some fun with this week's challenge ~ and keep participating! ~ since I don't have a real, true, and good random act of photographing kindness to share!)

The Rescue of Little Clown and How He Helped Mommy Finish the Laundry


Something strange about that sock...
There's something inside!!
What could it be???
Why, Hello Little Clown! What are you doing in there??
Hi there!

Was it nice and cozy in that sock?
Time to do some laundry!

Set the buttons!

And don't forget the soap!
Careful, Little Clown! Don't fall in!
When the clothes are done, Little Clown will help Mommy load them in the dryer.

Peek-a-Boo, Little Clown! Don't forget a dryer sheet!

Hendrix the Cat is too busy to play with Little Clown today.

Home, Sweet Home!
Time for bed! Goodnight, Little Clown!


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