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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Forgot a Title

We still don't have the results from the tests... or my grandparents aren't sharing. We don't really know. 
Old people are weird.

Speaking of the Aged & Wise...
I confirmed with my biological grandma today that we will, in fact and for real, be meeting this year.
My biological dad's side of the family lives in Florida. 
And my parents' condo happens to be about a 3 hour drive from where they live. 
My mom is trying to get us kids to bring our families there in August.
So... probably by September of this year, I will have met my birthfamily.
{Unfortunately, I may also meet them earlier as my grandfather will be buried in Florida should he pass sooner than later. Geez, that's such a morbid thought but it's the truth. And I might as well make something positive out of the trip, right?}
Okay and I asked her to be part of my Family Interview Project and she said Yes! I'm super excited!! Basically, the project involves me interviewing the older members of our families (I'm doing both adoptive & biological since I feel that I am part of both histories) on the family history, as well as their own life experience. It is not a simple project and I still have not begun the interview portion. I'm still in the organizing & typing up the questions part. It's getting there, this was not an overnight project nor did I plan for it to be. I want it to be good and right and something that our families will enjoy. My Nana was ready to start right then and there ~ lol ~ but I told her that we could wait until a better time. See, she had just sat down with my bio aunt in a restaurant for dinner. They had just ordered waters. She's so sweet, wanting to tell me all about the family instead of eating her dinner. I love these people so much. They love me so much. And they make it so very apparent. I feel so blessed to have them in my lives. And I can't wait to meet them. :) 
But the idea of it all happening still makes me nervous as all get-out.
{Okay, what in the world does that mean "as all get-out" ?}

This morning, we took the girls down to our city's public school special education... "people". I'm not sure what to call them, evaluators maybe? We had to meet them at this magnet school in the city (which I was ridiculous, amazeball-ingly, impressed with) to get them tested for speech, and academics but mainly just for speech. We were there for two hours but it would have been much longer if we all hadn't gone ~ all being the five of us, yep even Snowdrop went. This way, Hubby could go with one girl into testing while I went with the  other, two birds one stone. Snowdrop was an absolute doll the whole time and only got fussy for the last 1/2 hour (which was an hour after her naptime). She played with the toys in the room and generally stayed out of the "testers/teachers" ways. Both girls did REALLY great on the academic stuff, which was really awesome to see and I was so proud. All my hard work at teaching them stuff and reading to them is really paying off. Junie was even completing some of the DAYC 4 tests! Awesome!! Mags was a little... not shy, what's the word... she was acting silly and not doing things that I know she knows how to do ~ like sing the Alphabet, or Itsy Bitsy Spider... 

I really can't explain how helpful just going IN for the testing was. Just to observe the things that these gals were observing and the little tips I picked up from them. Plus, these ladies were REALLY nice and the assessments were so detailed and they really seriously took the time to get to know the girls and read their background information. The gal who evaluated their speech said that she could barely understand them and was "sure" they'd get services. I'm not counting my eggs but I'm glad that she recognized the same things that I have been recognizing in the girls. Basically, it's a speech thing not a language thing ~ which is a good thing. That means that they can comprehend language and the different parts of it, but they physically can't get their mouths to do the right thing. I am one of the only ones who understands them and even I have a hard time sometimes. Junie has a bigger issue with the speech than Mags but I hope they are both recommended for services because I know they both can benefit from the services. Plus, if one is getting them and the other isn't ~ I think the other might hold back the first one from getting better. I don't know. Maybe?
They were also really impressed that the girls picked up ALL the toys before we left. They said that the kids don't normally do that. Leave it to my weird kids. They did not get that gene from me. Anyways, the school people just could not have been nicer. It was really pleasant. Mags thanked me on the way home for taking her there and said that she would like to go back there some day. These girls are just so sweet. I love them.

New Header as of today. I am really enjoying the creating of my headers. It's so relaxing.
And it feels so lovely to be creative. Photoshop rules.
{Even if this chair really bothers my tailbone.}

Sometimes I even like to make buttons in Photoshop.

Hope you are having a really great week! Mine is not super stellar but I'm hanging in there. I have even remembered to take pictures every day!! (I think!!! Haha!) It has rained here every day for what seems like five days. I think that's not an exaggeration. There has been so. much. rain. Flooding down south but we've been lucky not to have any here. The tornadoes even avoided us this time. {Whoooooooo!}

I have to go switch my laundry over and get to bed. I am finally doing my own laundry for the first time in more than two weeks. I have enough underwear and clothes that I don't neeeeed to do it every week ~ but man, did that pile get big. I am on my third load and about to put in a fourth. 
It was fun to separate them into delicates, shirts & tank tops, pants/shorts, sweatshirts/sweaters.
I might have a mild form of OCD.


  1. Lovely header :) That reminds me I am bored with mine now...

    Good for you for recognizing that your girls need help in certain areas, I know that some parents choose to ignore the things that their children need help in.

    How awesome that you will get to meet your birth parents! Is that something that you have been working towards for a long time? This is the first time I realized that you were adopted. I bet that this meeting will be a very emotionally wonderful thing for you!

    I hope that everything goes well for your grandparents!

  2. It has been a busy long week here too...at least we are supposed to have a little sunshine tomorrow!