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Friday, April 29, 2011


Twelve Pounds of Strawberries.

Normally, a pound of organic strawberries costs about $5.99. (We don't normally buy organic strawberries for that reason!) The organic strawberries I bought today cost $1.99 a pound!! My husband tells me that these are "In Season" and that's why they're so cheap. Whatever the reason, I don't care ~ all I know is that I got TWELVE POUNDS of organic strawberries for the ripe (ha) old price of $23.88. I didn't calculate the tax into it. Hubby laughed at me for buying so many ~ but the reality is, I saved us A LOT of cash. The girls & I polished off a pound already between lunch & dinner. I've already frozen three pounds and I'll use up two pounds when I make strawberry cake (or pie, I can't decide!). That leaves us with six pounds. I will be freezing more of them so we can enjoy feeding our girls organic strawberries this summer!

I never make strawberry desserts because strawberries are so expensive (even regular strawberries are pricey) so I'm really excited to have a surplus. Otherwise I "feel bad" using them for baking or eating them myself ...like I'm wasting food that my kids should/could be eating... is that weird?

 See how excited they are? They were chanting "Strawberries! Strawberries! Strawberries!" as they danced around the kitchen. I love my Little Funnies.


  1. THAT is a LOT of strawberries!!! The look delish ;D

  2. YUM....everyone looks very happy about the berries! Have a great weekend, just linked up with {365}.


  3. LOL! Look at them Dance! I love these shots!

  4. I'm so jealous of your strawberries. We eat organic and that's an amazing price. You should make some jam. Yum!

  5. Wow! I am so jealous of your stock of organic strawberries! We all love fruit and I hope to plant a few after we move next month.

    I thought I was crazy when I bought 5 pounds of butter because Target were selling them for $1.53 (normally $3+). Glad I'm not the only one that stocks up when there's a really good sale :)

  6. LOL! They look like they have some great dance moves! =P We love strawberries here... though I've never bough 12 lbs at once... impressive! =D

  7. Haha thank you Everyone! They do have some moves! :) I've never bought this many strawberries either!! I did make a cake yesterday (it's more like banana bread, but with strawberries) that turned out pretty yummy. So many of my "local" friends were like "What are you thinking?" I am just wondering why I didn't buy more of them!! Haha!! :) I really did save us a lot of money. :)