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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ April 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Items: High Key, Bedroom, Something Tiny, Off in the Distance, and Stripes

{High Key ~ So I initially took a picture of a key that the previous owners of our house left on top of a door frame that we still haven't moved. Then I saw Ashley's picture and... figured it meant something different. So I switched it up and ended up editing a picture of Snowdrop that I took this morning. I cropped it down quite a bit so I could get in close to her beautiful eyelashes. They are so long!! Between this week's banana necklace, high heels, and camera case hat ~ I beginning to think she is destined for the fashion industry.}

{Bedroom ~ the door to Snowdrop's bedroom. I did the painting, no it's not even, but I love it anyways! It's a really old knob and doesn't work well, which is why we have a latch.}

{Off In the Distance ~ and under the green arrow is the house Hubby almost bought. You can see the white windows. Well, it's the one that accepted his offer the same day I found out I was pregnant back in 2007. It's about five blocks from us and while things didn't work out (due to the inspection) we know it was for the best. The house was not meant to be. But it is fun to drive past it every now & then. Especially when they had all the trouble with their roof and sewer. I mean, sure we felt bad for them. But inside, we were high-fiving ourselves for not being them. Although now that I'm remembering the kitchen... ;)}

{Something Tiny ~ the littlest feather. You know I love feathers.}

{See. I told you it was Tiny.}
I would not have noticed the tiny feather, had I not stooped down to get this next shot (see below), which is not party of Scavenger Hunt Sunday but I'm sharing it here anyways because I really like it..

{Keeping Our House Peanut Free ~ by leaving our shoes outside after the baseball game.}
{Just noticed the heart on Hubby's shoe. Can you see it?}

{Stripes ~ in Snowdrop's room, in the dormer window hallways. I love these stripes!! The red parts were supposed to be thinner in width, unfortunately we didn't know red paint leaked so much and had to widen them to reduce the runovers.}

Thanks a bunch for stopping by today!! It's a glorious day outside so I am going to step away from the computer for a bit and enjoy it!! I'll be sure to check out your Scavenger Hunts later today!! Find links to everyone else's hunts over at Ashley's blog!!

Have a great & relaxing Sunday!!


  1. Great shots! I really love the feather.

  2. Nice finds. What a fun door knob, and yes, I do see a heart on his shoe.

  3. I really like your off in the distance shot as well as the detail on the bedroom door - how pretty.

  4. "stripes" are great!!!

  5. I love the stripes. So pretty.

  6. WOW, I love all your shots!!!

  7. Great shots this week! The stripes are awesome!

  8. Yeah, nice heart. Isn't it strange how special things form out of the most ordinary things. :)

  9. All of your photos are great!
    I think the door is my favorite.
    I love the painting!!
    Thanks for visiting.
    I'm in La Jolla right this very moment and I'm thinking of you.:)

  10. greats shots...I love that painting for your daughter's room! great job!

    thanks for mentioning eating fiddleheads....I did not know that! I have just been totally fascinated (obsessed) with them since I first saw them in my yard! I will try that this year....reminds me I need to go look and see if mine are popping up yet! There will be a post when they do!

    Take care!