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Friday, April 1, 2011

Project365 ~ 84 to 90

Sorry this is up SO late today ~ a very long day yesterday resulted in me not being able to edit stuff until today. Yikes that is so hard to do with the three little ones running about. :)

I had a lot of fun editing this week and I am really proud of my pictures. Link up your pictures at the bottom of this post! 
Sometimes it's hard for me to come up with things to take pictures of, so here are a few ideas if you've been having trouble too:
~ your daily silverware and place setting
~ the inside of your fridge
~ the laundry room
~ the pantry shelves
~ coffee maker
~ stack of your kids' books
~ a favorite toy
~ shoes that people are currently wearing
~ your front door
~ your mailbox, full or not
~ the view from a window your kid likes to look out from

 Allrighty ~ Let's get started with this week's pictures!! 

Project365 ~ Days 84 to 90

{The Starbucks in my kitchen.}

{my magnolia girl, catching some snow}

{my baking lover}

{Wait. When did my baby get so much hair?!}

{Banana Necklace. Totally did it by herself!}

{Sister Cuddling Time ~ I will never tire of these pictures.}

{Camera Case Hat. This girl has unique fashion sense. See Day 88 above.}
{Speaking of fashion ~ this same girl also walked in my old high heels the other day.}
{I am not kidding you ~ I was speechless. I'll post the video!!}

So there you have it! My week in pictures, another notch on the Project365 belt. Please link up your projects below and don't forget to grab my button from the sidebar!! 

Thanks again for stopping by ~ it's so encouraging to me when people link up and leave comments. I try and do the same back at you! Be sure to visit other people who have linked up, too! :) 

Don't forget about the Ultimate Blog Party 2011 that's happening this week. For more information, go here. 
I will be posting my Party Post later today. 

"Check ya later!!" {<--name that movie.}


  1. Just saw your comment on my blog...sounds like we do have quite a bit in common! I'm from the midwest as well...suburbs of chicago to be exact. Where are you from? I read your about me section...we go to music festivals a lot too :) Well, we did until Porter was born...we'll see what happens this summer! Which ones have you guys been to?

  2. 86/jealous! 87/tee-hee-hee! 89/loooove! what a great week! :)

  3. Cute photos. More snow? Yuck! I want a kitchen aid so badly. Love the sweet cuddle time.

  4. Such a unique fashion sense! If she only combined the camera case hat and the banana necklace then she'd be all set! Plus the heels of course. She will be inexpensive come prom time.:)

  5. Looks like another great week! Love the banana necklace! Too funny!

  6. Love the baking stuff and kids pictures are adorable!

  7. Cute week. I love the cuddle shot. The banana necklace is adorable. I love unique fashion.