2/12/2012 UPDATE: So here's the thing. Hubby & I are getting a divorce. I'm not advised to blog during this time so... Still on hold here. Will blog again when I can, I miss it so dearly. :)
I can still be reached via email: theunexpectedworldofmommyhood@gmail.com Thanks everyone for your prayers and support at this time. The going is tough, but I am tougher and know a better future is waiting. ~ Meg :)

9/26/2011 UPDATE: My blog is "on hold" for a little bit... there is A LOT going on around here {so there are no worries, everyone is healthy!} and I'm really just not ready to blog about it. I will be back. Thanks for understanding!! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Project365 ~ Day 105

So I totally found a picture from April 15th, aka Day 105 that I thought I missed, when I was unloading pictures from my camera! I am super excited!! This is a picture of a bowl thingy that I got from Goodwill. I really don't know much about it. There are no markings on it from what I can tell. The top part sits on like a brass (?) foot. But I really thought it was weird and cool, and it was probably not more than $5. I liked all the colors & the peacocks. And I loooooved the scalloped edges. So I bought it! :)

Okay. I just HAD to share this one. :) 
My life can go on now that I know I only missed two days last week. ;)

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