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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Project365 ~ 105 to 111

Boy was I a total slacker this week! I seriously do not know what is up with me. I've been SO TIRED since last week. {I'm not pregnant so don't get any ideas.} The tired has just gotten to me. So in the process, I missed taking THREE pictures this week! Pathetic. I will strive never to let this happen again. I haaaaaaaaate disappointing myself, it's the worst. I know I know, it's only picture-taking. No biggie, I know I'll live. It's still annoying to me. So I've just felt a little "off" the last couple weeks which is why I haven't really posted much, never got around to finishing up my vlog from last week, didn't get to really shoot my vlog for this week, and why I am wearing my husband's sweatpants for the third day in a row (I haven't done my laundry for two weeks. I have plenty of underwear to last me. And clothes, apparently!!).

I spent all of last night sick as ever ~ so sick, in fact, that I weighed in at a delightful 110 pounds this morning. Three pounds in one night!! {This is where I insert my sarcastic double thumbs up, as if this is a pleasant way to lose weight. Notsomuch.} This morning, as I wavered between consciousness and a very clammy dreamland, I felt like Death had come to find me. However, I am a Mom. Therefore, I had to pick myself up anyways {ten minutes to leave-time} and shower so I could make it to the girls' school for the Easter Egg Hunt. I was the only parent there to help out all 3 classrooms in the Early Learning Center (ELC for short, from now on). {Sidenote: I really enjoy being a Room Mom. It is a nearly perfect level of involvement for me with the school & the kids. I really do love it!! It's like being a grandparent ~ I get to come for all the fun, but I get to give them back to their teachers at the end of the party! :) And of course, as a parent with two in the classroom I do feel more of a responsibility/interest in what goes on in the classroom.}

It was not difficult work, I "hid" eggs all over the school's backyard. And helped, somewhat, to supervise all the kids. Easy peasy, I even felt a little better after it was all over. The brisk air and sunshine totally helped. That said, I still feel "weak". I think last night's sick episode was in part to my tiredness lately, the food I ate for dinner, the amount of food I consumed yesterday as a whole (haha!), and the fact that I downed a small glass of orange juice before I went to sleep. Orange juice does that to me nearly every time. I should know better. I basically should have avoided the oily food at dinner, in combination with the candy & snacks I muched on, and other treats consumed. Whatever. I didn't really live & learn because there will be another time that I will stuff myself sick with candy. This was not the first time I have gotten sick from eating too much candy. I LOVE CANDY. Aaaaaaaaand, scene.

Hey so this is a Project365 post so I will now become focused on the task at hand. Like I mentioned, this week was well... weak, as far as number of pictures. Haha! Here they are anyways!!

Project365 ~ Days 105 to 111

Missed Day 105.

{preparation for crockpot chicken}

Missed Day 107

{This is Starbuck van Inverness. Our painted turtle. We found him on my parents' driveway!}

Missed Day 109.

{happy happy}

{Junie, totally pleased with her Egg Hunt treasures!}

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Have a great Friday!!


  1. I have a Junie too! Love your shots, have a wonderful weekend.


  2. I love the Turtle shot and I can't figure out 110, but it's pretty!

  3. Wonderful shots. That little turtle is adorable. :)

    Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

  4. I love the picture of Junie, so adorable. LOVE. Don't worry so much about missing days; at least you got back into the swing of the project!

    As usual, thanks for the linky! :)

  5. Gasp! Turtle! I loooovvveee the turtle!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, I totally spread the word about your crock pot chicken!

  6. I love the first three. So pretty. That turtle is tiny!

  7. That teenie turtle is sooooo cute! OMG !