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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cute Pictures of My Baby & Allergy Notes

Super Fabulous, Jr.

This girl really loves her Mr. Froggy. 

Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday! :)

The allergist appointment went really well on Thursday. The doctor was really nice and spent so much time answering our questions. We don't have to worry about the black walnut tree in our yard so long as Snowdrop is not eating the nuts... YAY! I was worried we'd have to move or something. I always go right to the worst! :) It was reassuring to go and I'm feeling a bit better about the whole thing. She said that, of course, if something happened where she started having a serious reaction to the shells... we should act appropriately and then call the office. It's really scary thinking about how fast the whole reaction happened and that it could potentially happen again.

I feel so much more comfortable now, as far as taking her places, like museums, the zoo, etc. We just have to bring the EpiPen and some Benedryl, just in case. I don't have to be worried about nuts and the pool at my in-laws ~ apparently there's enough water that it shouldn't matter if someone eats nuts and then goes into the pool. It still makes me nervous as hell though...

The doctor gave us a handout of "How to Read a Label" with some informative stuff on types of food with nuts or milk in it. It even said "nondairy products" in the section of things that could have milk in it. I was confused by that part. She also gave us a really helpful page that had symptoms of a reaction and then "EpiPen" or "Antihistamine". She check-marked the right medicine to use in the case of each reaction. This is really helpful for me to have it all written out like that.

What I'd like to do at this point {you know, in all my free time}, is gather a list of peanut-free brands of cereals, crackers, ice creams, whatever other foods... I guess I'd organize it so people with new peanut allergies could have an easier transition? I'd sorta like a list like that myself to make things a slight bit easier to find at the stores, and I'm not sure one exists... Anyone??

Okay. Off to enjoy this Saturday!! Have a great rest of your weekend! I'm taking a break from Scavenger Hunt Sunday this week. Boo, I know! But I need a day of rest. :) 

PS. My baby brother is FIFTEEN today. FIFTEEN. I can hardly believe it!!

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