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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shoot & Edit ~ Part Two: March 2011/Flowers

Okay so this is Part Two of the Shoot & Edit Challenge! I'm excited to show you what I did for my edits!! And I hope to participate in this challenge again. Maybe not next week, but definitely during April. :) 

This is the Original:
Can you even see anything? Probably not.

Ashley suggested I try inverting the picture. Which I did. 
Here it is, Inverted:
I don't think I really like what it did to this photo BUT I'm excited to try the idea on other pictures! I had never used the "Invert" function in PSE {or many of the other functions you'll see below). 
I totally dig what it's supposed to do! 
Since that didn't really work out too well, I tried to do something else. 

This next picture is Inverting + Equalizing:
I like this one! The blues are really cool, no pun intended. 

Here's Inverting + Photo Filter {in a rusty orangey hue similar to that of the blossoms on the tree}:
Meh. Doesn't knock my socks off. Too plain. Not enough 'oomph'. But I like the feature. I'm not even sure though, if the color is going to show up once I post this. 
I've never played around with these filters so this was really fun to try out. 

Inverted (?) + Charcoal/Chalk
I really like this one a lot! I might even frame it. It might be my favorite out of the bunch. :)

I like this! It's fire-y! Bold! It's got spunk! :)

Inverted + Fresco
I like how this looks so much like a drawing. I'd like to try this on some portraits of the girls. I think with grainy pictures it might work well? I could be completely wrong on that! :)

Plain Old Lighting Fix {Lighten shadows, brighten as a whole, contrast}
I like this one. Still somewhat plain. I really didn't do anything other than adjust the lighting levels. It's definitely one of my favorite edits from this series and most captures the way I saw it with my eyes.

Here are ALL my edits together with the original so you can see all the different ways I edited it.

Hope you found this interesting. :) 
I am having a weird night, sorry my commentary is lacking. 
Thanks for understanding. :)

Check out the other edited pictures at Ashley's blog, here.


  1. I think it looks really cool! So glad you tried it out.

  2. Very cool! What to think outside the box on that one!

  3. Thank you so much for the suggestion, Ashley! They were great to try out! :)

    Mommy2Four ~ I had no idea I was thinking outside the box! Haha! Really, I didn't. Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  4. I really like that last one! :D

  5. now that is an amazing save - great job!

  6. Thanks, Jill! I do feel like I saved it. ;) I feel so inspired to try and save the million other dark pictures I have! :)

  7. Very interesting indeed!! I like Fresco and the last one the best! Amazing you could pull from that photo - great job!! (And I guess I'll stop trashing any photos I take where I forget to adjust my settings and just get an almost black canvas! :))

  8. I love the fresco! I tried a "difference cloud" on one of my photos--didn't like it for that, but it might work with this photo. Not that you need another edit!

  9. I tried the difference cloud, it gave the picture a really neat outer space/tye dyed kind of look. I'm going to post that edit and another one I just did ~ Emboss. It looks so cool! :)

    Thanks for all the really wonderful comments everyone! :)

  10. Looks like you had a lot of fun! It is kind of fun playing with editing, huh? Almost as much fun as finding pictures to take! =)

  11. I never would have thought to do that with a severely underexposed picture! Thanks for all the tips! I actually liked the invert+photo filter. It reminded me of a card.

  12. So fun to play around...I like the fun results you got & how you grouped them together in that very cool collage! :)