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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Friends OR I Think I'm Turning Japanese Ireallythinkso.

I couldn't decide on the title of this post. I didn't want to be uber-serious because of my early morning rant BUT I also didn't want to mock anyone of Asian persuasion. But I always think of that song so... I went with it anyways!

My husband & I have a friend {we'll call him, R, for now} who taught English in Japan for several years. Before he left, there was much jestering around of the idea that he was going to meet a Japanese girl and bring her home. As fate would have it ~ R did meet & fall in love with a Japanese girl. And he married her! And brought her home! They lived in a different city for a while but recently moved back into town. We're really excited to see more our friend and to get to know his wife!

So R came over the other day (without the wife) and was saying how she's so lonely and doesn't really have any friends. She works once a week teaching Japanese to kids of Ex-Pats. And visits with the old ladies who live across the street from them. And that I really need to give her a call. And I completely agree with his request because I would LOVE to get to know her better. It would be really great to be able to show her around town and help her adapt to life here. She loves kids, so I'm sure she'd have fun going with us to the zoo or art museum. Am I the right person for the job? Probably. I just need to get over my nerves. She won't hate me! How could she, right? We could rent Japanese movies with English subtitles. I like foreign films. And I don't eat sushi but maybe she could teach me how to make some Japanese food and I could show her how to make French Fries & Burgers.

We're supposed to have a bunch of college buddies in town and at our house this weekend (I'll blog about that)(my baby sister is also coming to spend her Spring Break with us this weekend & next week!), and she might be coming to that if R gets back in town from work early enough. If he doesn't, I'll call her and ask her to come over for lunch some time next week. I'm nervous. It's just going to be awkward. I know she's really amazing if our friend married her ~ I just have to stop being nervous about finding out and potentially making a new friend. Lunch at our house is a good first time hang out, right? I wonder what I should serve to her.

Any ideas? Tips? Words of Wisdom to share?? I'd love to hear your experiences with having to befriend your husbands'/your friends' wives/partners. Was it awkward? Easy? What happened? :)

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  1. Take it from a new girl in town-- she will be delighted to have a friend. Nothing to be nervous about!

    I also-- moved into a town full of my husbands friends. We have known them for a long time, but not spent oodles of time with them.

    The anticipation is the worst part of meeting someone new... go for it, and have fun!