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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Greatlly. And Allergy Alert Cards!

I just think this is a greatlly <---- OMG. Do you see that? I'm not correcting it so you can see this. Greatlly. It's a combination of really and great. I think at the last second, I decided to with "Really Great" instead of just "Great". My hands are faster than my brain. Or not as fast, or just as fast? Or maybe I just can't explain it! I love when that happens. I do pride myself on my fast typing skills ~ I am one fast b.i.t.c.h. when it comes to typing because I used to like "playing" Mavis Beacon. I am a NERD. Thanks, Mavis! Hahahaha :)

Okay. So back to the original topic at hand. {At hand, ha. I'm so funny. It must be my new hairdo.}

I saw these really great allergy alert cards on TinyPrints today. I am their FB Friend and they posted a link and that's the only reason why I'm bloggin' about it. TinyPrints in no way sponsored this post.

{However, if someone from TinyPrints is reading and would like to sponsor a giveaway/review for my blog ~ I'd love to get some of these and see if they are as great & useful as they appear to be! If you're here on my blog for the first time, Snowdrop has a peanut allergy AND a milk allergy. It'd be great to be able to pass these out when we go to restaurants or to my parents house!}

{Picture courtesy of TinyPrints.Com} 

ANYWHO, I think they are super cute, and a really great idea! :) {See that, I got it right this time. Really. Great. Two separate words!} Part of me feels like it's a little... forward (?) to just hand the waiter this card ~ but the other part of me thinks, WOW! This could save my daughter's life someday! (It might!) Having a physical reminder might help our waiter/tress/chef remember easily that they need to be cautious with our food. I know how BUSY it can be in the restaurant/food industry and from that viewpoint ~ this could be useful! :)

Okay. That is all for now! Time to clean-up the girls ~ they had the LONGEST lunch EVER today. It's already 1:26pm! They started eating like an hour ago! :)

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  1. I feel very lucky to have a family that is allergy free! Besides myself and pollen that is!