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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kitchen Shelves

A quick post today. We FINALLY got around to hanging up some open shelves in the kitchen. We bought the brackets at Ikea several months ago while out of town and I've been mulling the idea of open shelves in my kitchen ever since. I didn't really know how I'd feel about them but I was pretty sure I'd like the result. And I did! And I think my husband does, too. Here's our kitchen Before (but without the "artwork" I usually have hanging behind the counter): 

 Please excuse the kitchen mess, I was in the middle of cleaning everything else when we did all this and then I had to take Before pictures... you know how it is. Whatever. We have this great big peninsula in our kitchen where stuff tends to pile up and where we house our computer. So all my "work" is done here. In this generally cramped space. So open shelves it is.

Check out the After! 


It's totally not complete, it's still messy, and I still need to "arrange" the shelves. But it's a work in progress, and I'm thrilled to have some more storage space! They look great, I think, and totally give us more space on the counter. Look ~ flowers!! So my original idea was to paint the shelves either black or dark green (to match the kitchen trim). As it happened, I really love the way the unfinished wood looks. It "goes with" the wood counter ~ although I AM considering putting some sort of finish on it to make it totally match the counter. I'm really not positive on that though because frankly I really do like the way it looks as it is. And then I'd be done with it. :)

Okay so there you have it, kitchen shelves before and after. Phew. Glad I got this up! :)

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  1. I love open shelving in the kitchen!! So usable and I think it looks great :-) Good job!!