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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Company Review, Part Two AND The Giveaway!!

{Read Part One of The Company Review HERE.}

And she did appreciate the hand-written note. I received a typed (but hand-signed) letter that was specifically written to me. No templates; she sat down and wrote to me. Truly, excellent customer service. Sent from the Big Apple as a replacement: One Musical Bunny AND she also sent this very adorable Rattle Doll! {see below} I was NOT expecting that at all! I like to think it had something to do with my handwritten note. Perhaps she sent a replacement AND an apology gift. Either way, it was really sweet of her to do it.

Here are the Bunny and the Doll.

It's very cute and about the same size as Giraffey. I would say it's really a good replacement.
And just between us (ha), Snowdrop doesn't really care much for the Bunny. Poor thing. I keep trying but she's really stuck on that Giraffey (remember, we still have the one I fixed!). One of these days I am sure she'll love it. Her sisters have enjoyed playing with it so far, so at least someone likes it! I think Snowdrop is confused that it plays the same song as her Giraffey. Ha!
One more thing: So remember how I mentioned we bought a second one of these giraffes? So the SECOND Giraffey also busted at the seam in the same spot, after we received a replacement gift. I haven't called the toy company about this one... overkill, right? I was able to sew it up after careful consideration and now I think it's safer than it was before. I don't know. Maybe I SHOULD call and let them know a 2nd one is defective. Opinions on that?

While I'm very happy to have gotten a replacement for Giraffey #1, we don't really need the extra gift of the Doll. So I'm Passing It On, in form of a Giveaway! Why? Because it's so FUN to host giveaways!
She really is cute, soft, and perfect for a baby girl. Especially because she rattles!

So tell me in the comment section:
Do you buy extra "Lovies" just in case something happens to a favorite?

A random commenter will win this very adorable, and soft, baby doll! It was not the intention for Prestige Toys to have me give this away but I thought it was good to Pass It On to a little girl who might need it more than my third daughter {who has access to any number of dolls and stuffed toys}. It might also prove useful as a prop for any of you photographers out there! Only one entry per person please! Comments will be open through the end of this week!

Disclaimer: Prestige Toys did not sponsor this giveaway. They are in no way part of this. They don't even know about it! I am doing this giveaway by my own desire to do so. Part of the "Pass It On" that 2011 has become for me. I don't do legal jargon very well. But you get the idea. :)

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  1. That is so cute. Neither of my boys have lovies really. If I won I would give this to my friend expecting a baby girl after a miscarriage.