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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Company Review, Part One. {Prestige Toys}

If you have read either of my blogs, you know that I'm a fan of sharing about my customer service experiences. Especially when it comes to children's products. Most of time, these posts are filled with complaints about poor service, products, customer handling, etc. But to be fair, I like to toot the horns of the companies that do a good job, too!! :) It's just as important to be told you're doing a great job, as it is to be told that things aren't working out. This is such a day. :)

I had to phone Carters and Prestige Toys about a month ago because one of Snowdrop's favorite toys had broken. It's this pink giraffe that plays Brahm's Lullaby. It's my favorite lullaby and definitely a go-to when it comes to humming for my babies. We play Giraffey for Snowdrop when we're putting her down for bed. ANYWAYS, so I grabbed her after a nap one day only to discover that the pull part had broken and exposed the insides, which to me looked "jimmied". I mean, that's the only way I could describe it. Definitely not the way I thought the inside of a baby toy should look. And Thank God Snowdrop was okay and there was nothing to choke on.

This is Giraffey.
Snowdrop fell instantly in love so she had to come home with us from Target one day.

And then she broke. {Please excuse my alien hand.}
And I'm sorry but has that cord been "jimmied"?
Wouldn't you believe it, I place a call to Carters and.... SOMEONE PICKS UP THE PHONE. I stuttered over my words, then apologized and thanked her for picking up the phone. She laughed that she hears that all the time! Even PBK (my favorite company for customer service dealings) has an automated system to patch you to the right person. I was impressed. So I told her our problem and she informed me that she'd need to transfer me to the company that makes the toys.

I was a little irritated by this passing around (just the idea of it) but they were really fast at the transfer and helpful and nice. So that made up completely for needing to phone another company myself when the transfer didn't go through. No biggie. I can do that. I had to leave a message but they got back to me that same day.

Prestige Toys. A very nice older lady {well at least she sounded pretty old!} was very helpful. She listened to my story and asked me to send the toy back. Aw. I was a little sad. I remembered the day I bought this toy with Snowdrop in the store. {And then remembered how I had to buy another one a little down the road when we thought we lost her. I found it at a discount store. And then I found the original one like a week later. Haha.?}

Anyways, so she sent me a postage-paid envelope in which to send the toy back. A+ service right there!

So Long, Giraffey. It's been fun.
Off to the Big Apple!
So I sent the toy back with a handwritten note-card of thanks for her help. I know someone of the older generation, certainly a "New York City Woman" would appreciate the formality, sincerity, and old-world fancy of a handwritten note.
And off Giraffey went on an adventure to the Big Apple, sadly never to return. You, however, will have to come back tomorrow to see what she sent me... and to check out The Giveaway I've been promising.

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