2/12/2012 UPDATE: So here's the thing. Hubby & I are getting a divorce. I'm not advised to blog during this time so... Still on hold here. Will blog again when I can, I miss it so dearly. :)
I can still be reached via email: theunexpectedworldofmommyhood@gmail.com Thanks everyone for your prayers and support at this time. The going is tough, but I am tougher and know a better future is waiting. ~ Meg :)

9/26/2011 UPDATE: My blog is "on hold" for a little bit... there is A LOT going on around here {so there are no worries, everyone is healthy!} and I'm really just not ready to blog about it. I will be back. Thanks for understanding!! :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Giveaway!!!! My First!!!!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!
I have a giveaway!!!! Okay, it's totally NOT as cool as it sounds. I've won a couple giveaways over at Buried in Laundry . It's so much fun to win!! I've also entered lots of giveaways at other places, and not won a thing at all. But it's still fun to play!! And it always feels good to give back.

The Prize? Honestly, I got it for free. But we don't really need it! It came in some kids thing... it's a Fisher Price Little People "Discovering Your Neighborhood" DVD, Volume 11. There are five little episodes and the whole DVD is 25 minutes long. Not super long, but long enough to throw some dishes in the dishwasher, right?

How do you win? Answer one simple question! Now for a question...question...question...Oh! I know!!

"What are your plans for New Years Eve?"

Will there be a Pink Elephant in your future? An early night to bed? A kiss at midnight? Tell me your plans and you are automatically entered to win!

My plans? I hope there will be a very very very very small pink elephant in my home that evening (a champagne elephant), but mainly it will just be a relaxing night at home. (<-- Hope I'm not jinxing myself into a disasterous evening by writing that ... haha!) I'm making a fancy dinner (something like a roast chicken and mashed potatoes and asparagus) and after the kids go to bed, we're gonna rent Eclipse with our DirecTV free rental credit (my husband is obsessed with the Twilight series, I just hope I don't die of boredome before midnight... I say that half jokingly.) and then watch the Dick Clark NYE Special... or whatever happens to be on around midnight!

The giveaway ends at midnight on Dec 30th! I'll announce the 'weiner', haha i just love saying that, the winner on January 1, 2011 ~ thus marking the beginning of my dedication and resolution to keep up on this blog!!! A winner will be chosen at random from the comments; and I will use Random.org to choose that winner! Good luck to all!!! :)
*be sure to include in your comment, a way for me to contact you - or as long as I can find it on your blogpage, link up your blog!

disclaimer: Fisher Price did not provide me with this DVD for a giveaway, nor have I been paid or supplemented in any way to do this giveaway. I just want to do something nice for someone, and pay it forward.


  1. For the first time in many many years we will just be staying home for New Years Eve! We will actually be getting home from vacation that day. We will probably get take out and rent movies. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  2. We usually just stay home. Sometimes we stay up till midnight sometimes we don't. Just depends on how tired we are. ha ha. :)