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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shoot~N~Tell Photo Challenge!! Free Week!!!

I started reading this blog only a few days ago, I'll admit! But I really enjoy it! AND the author, Natalie, has started doing photo challenges! I'm super excited!! The name of the challenge is "Shoot~N~Tell", so sort of like the old "Show and Tell" when we were kids.

I'm excited for two reasons: I love a good photo challenge AND this is the perfect opportunity to post a picture of my baby. She was born December 30, 2009 so she is eight months old now. I have only entered pictures of our twins so far in the other photo challenges I've entered. It only seemed fair (and appropriate for Shoot~N~Tell) to share pictures of my youngest. I was so excited I actually jumped out of my seat, grabbed my camera and took some pictures of her! Her big sisters are at school so we have free time to do these sort of things together. To be impulsive.
Then when I went to upload them, I found some super cute shots of her from Tuesday. It was her big sisters' first day at school so we had taken "sister pictures" on our doorstep. I even snapped a few of my little ham all by herself. These are cuter than the ones I got just now anyways, so I decided to post the pics from Tuesday instead!
Without further ado... my Shoot~N~Tell is My Baby.

I told you she was a ham.

Share your Shoot~N~Tell with Natalie and the rest of us at The Franklins!


  1. Oh...my...word! HOW ADORABLE she is! I love the color of the door and the texture of the concrete! Great job...so glad you entered and hope you continue!! Very very cute girl!

  2. Awww You have a cute little ham there!!

    Welcome to the *shoot & tell* challenge. I also just started reading Natalie a few weeks ago. I love her so much. I told my sis about her and now my sis follows her also. Soo much fun.

  3. Thank you! Thank you!! {bows} :)

  4. These are so adorable! Love the color of the door.

  5. Oh my gosh-she is such a squeeze-able little doll! Beautiful shots of her!

  6. All these fat babies are so sweet.

  7. LOL - fat babies are the best!! :)

  8. She is such a cutie! My daughter was just as chubby! They give the best hugs! :P

  9. She is adorable! Such sweet photos :)