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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

It's my first Scavenger Hunt Sunday! Just for fun... and because there was a jukebox emergency and Hubby had to go fix it or there'd be no music in the bars today. So... I can blog guilt-free until he's home! Haha!! :) Okay. So this week the items for which I'm hunting are...

Red ~ Homespace ~ Fence ~ Rock ~ Sharp

red ~ the new indoor/outdoor carpet i got from target. on sale.

homespace ~ generally what ours looks like!

fence ~ our fence. and my favorite birdhouse.

rocks ~ my daughters' rock collection on our front window.

sharp ~ i was going for the sharp corner of this old radio cabinet.

Go on your own scavenger hunt for these things! Share your photos at Ramblings & Photos Scavenger Hunt Sunday!


  1. Your daughter's rock collection is adorable! Warning: I just started doing this photo scavenger hunt too, and it's addictive!!

  2. These shots are great - I love your sharp photo but all of them are so great. Jill is right, it is addicting (as my husband tells me, I have a problem). I hope you have a great week.

  3. ditto Jill, this hunt is very addictive! You can't stop but it's ok because you don't want to!

    I love your sharp shot, beautiful detail on the cabinet (it looks like it could be a fireplace too) and I like it in black and white.

  4. love the rock picture! That is too cute and the sharp picture is really neat too! great job!

  5. love the rock collection picture and the sharp pic is awesome too! Great job!

  6. love the indoor/outdoor carpet, all the texture and you found it at Target as well? great work

  7. Wonderful group of photographs. Brave to show your actual homespace. That's pretty much what mine looks like as well. Well loved, well lived in.