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Monday, September 6, 2010

Alphabet Shoot Photo Challenge ~ A

Barb Phillips' Photo Journal is hosting a weekly photo challenge. The theme? The Alphabet! What a fun idea! I immediately thought how neat it would be to use the pictures to create an alphabet next time I'm designing a nursery... or a frame with our last name spelled out... ooh, the possibilities are really endless! :)

ANYWAYS.... so it just started this week, which means the letter A. Next week will be the letter B. And so on and so forth. Let's start at the very beginning. I give you...

~ The Letter A ~
~from a dave matthews concert poster~

Join in the fun and share your alphabet pictures with Barb Phillip's Photo Journal!


  1. What's funny (to me), is even though I looked at Barb's post first... it totally never clicked to me to take a picture of something that started with the letter A. I immediately thought of taking pictures of the "alphabet".

    And so, I think I'm going to continue that. Pictures of the letter itself, instead of an object that starts with that letter. I guess the point is to use our creativity and see what we come up with... :)

    Did I really just comment on my own post?

  2. LOL you just commented on your own post and I love it. I actually like your interpretation too...so we'll just be different. :)

  3. That really made my day. Thanks Meg for posting any way you want. Love the A.