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Thursday, May 12, 2011

One Super Fabulous Mirror, thankyouverymuch

{I wear about a 6-7 shoe, to give you perspective on the size of this mirror. It's a good size!}

I posted several updates on Twitter on Tuesday about a new mirror I bought from Goodwill. I'm SUPER excited about it!! Because I think it's SUPER SUPER FABULOUS!! It's definitely vintage and it happens to match the wood in our bedroom set. We got our set from my grandpa after he passed in January 2008. The wood has almost a blue-grey glaze to it, and what I call "pickling". I'll point that out in one of the pictures of the mirror. Anyways, our current bedding is blue-grey and this mirror has some detailing in color that matches ~ but that I think could look greenish with the right accents in the room. 
I'm thrilled about this because someday I will change our bedding to green stuff. So the mirror will still match.

Yes, this is a total "fluffy" post. 
Nothing serious here to share ~ ooh, actually. Actually, the worker bees at Goodwill tried to tell me that I had to pay for my mirror immediately and that they couldn't keep it behind the counter while I kept shopping. I got them to call a manager and agree to hold my item until I was done shopping. I paid for it first, and went on my way to the kitchen stuff shelves and kept shopping. It was my impression that they would be putting a sold sign on the mirror and keeping it behind the counter. 

Low and behold, ten maybe fifteen minutes pass and all of a sudden people are YELLING TO ME from the front of the store. It was SO ridiculous. Something about me needing to come get my mirror because people were trying to buy it, or something. I was so confused. Why not just put a SOLD sign on it? {Every other time I've been there, there are always SOLD signs on some of the big/heavy items.} So I get in a huff and yell back at them "WAIT A MINUTE. LET ME GATHER MY THINGS TOGETHER AND COME OVER THERE SO WE'RE NOT YELLING AT EACH OTHER ACROSS THE STORE." Yes. I might have gone a little over the top with my decibel level ~ we redheads are skilled in that way, you know! They were telling me something about people keep trying to buy it and take it from the counter. So I get up to the front and complain to the gals that I am being rushed out of here, this "new policy" or whatever it is sucks, etc. If someone is trying to buy it, all they have to do is say "It's sold already, sorry"; they are the cashier, all they have to do is NOT RING IT UP. I mean, shit. If you can't handle the cutthroat business {this is the part where I jab my pretend pirate sword in the air} of cashiering at Goodwill, then I just don't know what you should be doing with your life. The workers agreed with me that the new policy sucks but that they couldn't tell their manager that. I told them that I'd be happy to tell their manager that.

I should have KNOWN something was up when no one went to get the manager. I had my baby and I was pissed off so I just wanted to buy my green depression glass bowl and this fancy frame I found after I purchased the mirror, and get out of there.

But on the way home, I started thinking how ABSURD the whole situation was. The employees were YELLING at me from across the store? It was just bizarre. And then the whole new policy thing? I'm a frequent shopper there and this policy is not working for me. So I called the store and spoke to the manager. Who told me that SHE was the manager who approved leaving the mirror at the desk AND that they don't have a new policy. The policy is the same, which is that all big tickets items must be paid for (upon exit of store) and picked up within 24 hours. She apologized and said she'd talk to them. They had just had a meeting that morning about a similar situation. I think everyone was confused and defensive themselves and it was so stupid. And it made me REALLY HAPPY that I don't work in customer service anymore.

But you know what? I got a freakin' awesome mirror and I love it. And it only cost me $30. There was permanent marker on the mirror (the way they price their stuff) and I got it off with a Magic Eraser.
Goodwill ROCKS. 
{See that part that could be blue or green? Or maybe even grey? I love the detailing on this mirror. There is even a little red/maroon in there.} 

{Ok. So see the grain and those blackish dots all over the wood? I call that "pickling". I do not know why I call it that, but it's seriously the first word that comes to mind when I see it. If any of you know anything about furniture, I would LOVE to know what this is called.}

{I absolutely would have hung it like it says not to hang it. Absolutely!}

I paid $30 for this mirror. And I am just THRILLED!!

Do you shop at Goodwill, second-hand shoppes, thrift stores, etc? What is your favorite "Find"? Do you have a method to shopping at these kinds of stores? Thoughts? 

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