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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just an Excuse to Share Pictures! Shoot & Edit Challenge, too!!

My day is getting brighter by the minute and I couldn't be more thrilled!!! The girls napped this afternoon, all three of them!! In fact, the Big Girls are still sleeping! After lounging in the yard for a bit, and getting Snowdrop from upstairs, I checked my Twitter only to discover that I've won a giveaway from the very wonderful Paper Mama for this totally awesome portrait!!! The custom gallery wrapped portrait is from Fleur Anning , you should check them out. I'm SUPER EXCITED!! And now I need to find that picture I want to use... heeehee! {claps hands together and jumps with glee} I won a giveaway a few weeks ago from the lovely Joan at Expecting the Unknown, too! Maybe my lucky streak has finally come?!?! :) YAY!!
{And THANK YOU to both Chelsey & Joan for such awesome giveaways ~ you both rock!! And totally made my days!!}

So. Here are pictures of when we had the Easter Egg Hunt at Gigi & Papa's house!
{That was on Holy Saturday.}
I didn't really edit most of these because I basically just wanted an excuse to share them! Enjoy! :)

Magnolia & Juniper {Yellow/Gray & Coral colored dresses}

My Little Snowdrop!

Junie & Mags


The back of Magnolia's dress ~ isn't that bow pretty?

Going over their new stash!

Her favorite thing to do at Gigi's house is play with the froggy tea table.
I am entering this picture for the weekly Shoot & Edit series with Jill & Ashley! :)

See those huge bags in the background? Filled with "Easter Gifts" from Gigi!! What's that my dear? Organic Capers!!!! She could not have been more thrilled!! :)

Easter Baskets ~ it appears someone has a preference for purple?

Junie's collection

Miss Magnolia's collection ~ she did the same thing at the school egg hunt!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! 
Have a great night!! :) 


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter - so many fun shots!

  2. What in the world are organic capers!?!?!??!

  3. Naps?! You definitely are having a lucky streak! (Great pictures, by the way!)

  4. i kind of wish someone in my family or jeremy's had red hair. it's SO STINKIN CUTE! funny that magnolia only picked purple, haha. knows what she wants that's for sure! :)