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I can still be reached via email: theunexpectedworldofmommyhood@gmail.com Thanks everyone for your prayers and support at this time. The going is tough, but I am tougher and know a better future is waiting. ~ Meg :)

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shoot & Edit ~ Up, Edited

Good to Wow ~ UP

Really not a terrible SOOC!

Inverted SOOC + Paint Bucket (Color #599f8e)
Greeting Card. I dig it.

Equalize + Backlight Adjust + Lighten Shadows 91% + Brightness 60% + Movie Prime Lens Flare @ 182%
I like this edit, I had to play around with the Lens Flare until I found a "size" that I liked. I was going for a "sun" effect. I think I got it? I'm not sure. But I think I got the placement correct, as far as where the flare should be coming from. Maybe I should have moved the flare more right, almost off the picture? 

Same adjustments as above, but without the Lens Flare
This makes me feel like I'm on the prairie. No, I can't really explain that further. Haha! I think this was my most normal edit. Is this considered a "clean" edit? I'm not sure. I like it though as it still captures the effervescence of the tree that day. I'm not sure a tree can be effervescent. But that's the word that popped in my mind so I'm sticking to it! 

Equalize + Backlight Adjust + Lighten Shadows 91% + Brightness 60% + Add Layer -> Garden Lights 2 (from Ashley) + Eraser 32% around the branches + Eyedropper tool to get blending color + Paintbrush, on Overlay with Opacity at 37% to blend it together (I was sort of guessing here?). I'm not sure what I was doing. BUT this is how it turned out:
I did not follow Ashley's directions mainly because I work in PSE 5.0. So I winged it. I think I need to work on the blending and the opacity of the garden effect. But overall, it's sort of dreamy and I'm fine with this edit.

I am REALLY having a lot of fun with editing. I might enjoy it more than I like taking the pictures! :)

And apparently I needed to purchase more storage in order to upload more pictures for this post??? So for $5 I purchased (well, Hubby purchased ha) 20 GB more of storage. I'm pretty sure that'll last me for a while. I've had the account this blog is linked to since... 2005? 2006? Probably 2006. I'm actually a little surprised I didn't run out of space earlier! :) 

Okay ~ So thanks for stopping by my blog!! Check out all the other awesome edits over at Ashley's blog

Have a fabulous Thursday! We are headed to the allergist this afternoon for Snowdrop's peanut & milk allergies.... we have so many questions that need answering! :)


  1. That first edit definitely looks like a greeting card...very cool. I just use Flickr for my storage so I don't have to worry about uploading through blogger.

  2. Good to WOW is right - I love your afters!

  3. Love the variety of edits. The greeting card is so cool. Love the photo with the sun flare.

  4. Can't pick a favorite! I just love how each one turned out!

  5. Pics look great :)

    I'm not sure we will make it to ay festivals with Porter this year either...we may wait until he's a little bit older...
    But we live about 15 minutes from Red Rocks (fortunately!), so it's a given we'll be taking him there often! :)

  6. Lovely. I love the color in that first edit. Fun!

  7. I like them all. Such a simple photo and yet so pretty.

  8. you did a great job with your edits! really beautiful