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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ March 20, 2011

I love that I'm finding the time this weekend to participate in Ashley Sisk's Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I really enjoy it and I'm glad I could link up this week! I'm pulling from the archives, nothing farther than a year ago though. Is that bad? It's the best I can do this week! :) It's 1:04am, I won't have time to go on a hunt tomorrow and I'm too tired to take pictures {but not so tired I'm ready for bed, make sense?} 

Here we go! The items this week are:

{camera phone ~ through my windsheild after a visit from jack frost last time we were at my parents' house. i've been wanting to share this one for a while! i really like it a lot.}

{camera ~ you saw this recently. sorry but it totally fit the bill!}

{shoes. twins. love.}

{chair & imperfections ~ the orange chair, and the imperfections in the picture and junie's attitude that day! this was during the month of march so it's not that old of a picture!}

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  1. That windshield capture with your cell phone is pretty cool. I love the ice. I also, like your shoe capture with the little twins. Adorable.

  2. I agree, great windshield picture with your camera phone! Those little shoes are adorable too.

  3. Great shot of your windshield. I love the texture :D

  4. I love the shoes shot. Super cute. :)

    Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

  5. Great photos. Love your camera phone shot!

  6. Great shots! Love the first one!

  7. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!! The windshield & shoe pictures are some of my favorites from this week! A friend of ours studied in Australia and picked the shoes up as a gift ~ I'm a huge UGG fan so, I was so excited! They're super cozy, inside shoes like slippers. The girls wore them so much before their feet grew. :)

  8. Great shots! Love the camera shot and the reflection of the flash! I also love the twin shot but I am biased considering I have twins myself. :)

    And just in case you are interested, I'm hosting a new linkie at my site called Fabulous Friday. I'd love it if you would participate!