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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Ramblings...

If you didn't see my Hot Vliggity Vlog yesterday, you can check it out here. It was fun to do (save the part about being nervous over it) and I totally encourage you to do your own! Get more info over at The Paper Mama's blog about this vlogging stuff and maybe next time you can link up to your very own vlog!

So I called the teacher this morning to say that the girls won't be in class today. She is so sweet, she said they all miss the girls a lot and can't wait for them to come back. Aside from the circulating RSV and Croup, she also said that there is a little boy out now with pneumonia. And they had to call a Dad yesterday to come pick up his little girl and bring her home after snack-time because she was coughing (bark-like coughing) and wasn't eating and was basically just sitting there the first part of the morning.

So the parents knew she was sick and sent her to school anyways. So. Uncool. And I'm sorry, if the school can recognize that your child is sick I don't buy any excuse in your book that you didn't also know it.

So I'm keeping the girls home today and instead of definitely sending them on Tuesday, I will be calling on Monday to find out the happenings. :( My sister will be in town so maybe I will keep them home anyways and give her extra time {a whopping three hours} to hang with her nieces. Part of me thinks they should close the Toddler Room down for a week and force everyone to keep their kids home! Give everyone a week to get better and not spread disease. I really HATE keeping my girls home from school ~ but having six hours of extra time for myself (not alone time, as I still have the baby with me) is NOT worth knowing that I'm risking their health. SDJKHGSDLGHWOEHGEDSVNKXNV:GFEV:OWIrtoEDN. ARGH.


We have friends coming over tonight (I thought they were coming yesterday) for dinner. Then the same friends plus a bunch of other college buddies are coming over with all of their kids to have chili and hang out, on Friday. On Saturday it's all Mardi Gras Celebrations 'round here, and my sister flies in around dinnertime. At which point, I'll drop her off at our other sister's school and they can go be college girls together for Saturday Night/Mardi Gras Parties. On Sunday after Mass, we'll drive both girls back here to hang for the day and Kelly (my youngest sister, from out-of-town) will stay at our house for the remainder of her trip.

I'm super excited!!! Except for the fact that I'll be doing laundry and cleaning stuff all day. Which of course, I pretty much have yet to do. Actually, I did throw a load of my clothes in the laundry. I should probably get back down into the dungeon and throw another load in.

Just asked Magnolia if she'd like to help me fold the kitchen towels. She was very excited! I decided to up the anty by telling her that I will pay her some money this time for helping me.

"I'll give you a quart.. eh... I'll give you TWO quarters if you help me fold all these towels!"-Me
"I want three... because I three year old!" - Magnolia
{laughing because she so got me ~ how do I say no to that bargaining?} "You got it!" - Me

ALL of my husband's friends' wives have cleaning ladies come once every two weeks to clean their houses. I think my husband thinks that if I'm at home all the time, then I shouldn't need a cleaning lady. I sort of beg to differ on that. Sort of. Not completely, but sort of. I should definitely do a better job at the "upkeeping" around here ~ sure, I could wash the floors more often than I do! (But that is literally like shoveling in a snowstorm.) A cleaning lady would seriously do a better job than me. I blame my mom for my lack of cleanliness. {Not Bragging Here} I grew up having housekeepers and cleaning ladies and we never really had to do those kinds of "chores" (We did chores, mind you, just not the mopping, bleaching kind!)

Okay I have to get to work. 

I know what I want for my birthday! :) {A cleaning lady.}{And a nanny.}{And a pool boy.}{Not really on the pool boy.}

I have 19 Followers as of this morning!! YAY!!! Go Me! :) Hey, and GO YOU for following me!! THANKS!! It sure does mean a lot to little ole me! :)

PS. It took me four hours to write this post because of interruptions: diapers, crabby husband, nap, food, husband, tv, applesauce explosion, books, bathroom attempts, poop clean-up, diapers, drinks, mickey mouse, etc... The list goes on and on. I'm not the only one this happens to, so I'm just sharing. So you don't feel like you're the only one this happens to. :)

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  1. a cleaning lady that comes? In my dreams! Good for your for keeping your girls home while the sickness makes its way through... smart mama!