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Friday, March 18, 2011

I Want to Shop

One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to not buy any baby clothes during the year of 2011. That's a pretty steep request! I relaxed my resolution by saying that I could buy socks for them, because really socks are the kind of thing you need to replace about halfway through the year. Am I right? I am in my house! We are constantly losing socks, misplacing them, etc. No big deal, they're just socks. So we replace them.

I buy any sorts of socks for my kids. I prefer the kind with the slip-grip on the sole but I'm not too picky. I love "fun" socks, like the ones from Gymboree! These fish ones are really cute. And these! And these! Okay I'll stop! I'm telling you this because this weekend, they are having their 30% Fill-A-Bag Sale! And I got a coupon a few weeks ago that is good through March 20th, for 20% my entire purchase. They can combine coupons {I've done it before, and YAY!}, too, which means I"ll be getting EXTRA off and actually making the socks more affordable! :)

I'm super excited to go shopping; I need some retail therapy! I've been really good about not buying baby clothes. I did get two plain white turtlenecks for $2something each from Target earlier on in the year. It was really one of those can't-pass-it-up deals ~ and since I was sick & couldn't stock up during the last week of the year, I excused myself from this purchase and told myself it was okay. And it was.

So I'm going to go get some new cute socks for the girls. We started a "sock drawer" for them in the hallway, in this dresser that used to be in their bedroom (we took it out because I was afraid they'd pull it over). It's been nice to be able to say "Go get some socks" and have them go up and get their own socks. Teaching them a useful skill, and taking one thing away from me that I have to do! So I told the girls I was bringing them with me so we could go pick out big girl un.di.es, too! We're in the middle of trying to potty train them. It's so frustrating for ALL OF US. Magnolia has been pretty good the last few days so I really hope this step helps her achieve our goal. Plenty of people have recommended that I bring them with me to pick out un.di.es. so.... I'm bringing 'em! I'll try almost anything at this point. Magnolia said something that made me laugh...

Me: Girls, when Daddy gets home we're going to go Shopping! and get you some new big girl und.er.wear!
Magnolia: Can I get purple ones?!
Me: Sure! You can get whatever color you like!"
Magnolia: OK! {counts off on her fingers} I get purple unnerwahre. An' a purple {garbled word}!" Smiles at me! And then she ran into the bathroom!
Me: I'm sorry, what was that?
Magnolia: (comes back around the corner) "Purple unnerwahre and a purple bike!"

I laugh. And laugh. And wonder, what am I in for when they're teenagers and I'm taking them to the Mall!!! Okay, I'm gonna go upload the rest of my Project365 pictures and get that thing posted so you all can link up!! :) 

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