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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back in My Old Shoes, Part Two

I have no idea why I decided to share this stuff with you. But now I have to show you the trailer!! LOL. I'm so nervous!!! Okay. But I'm gonna do it anyways. :) I actually got real nostalgic watching it. I really am SO PROUD of this!! Even if the Sundance people didn't like it! :)

So I left off at the photoshoot.... we shot lots and lots of pictures. It was totally awkward at first because none of us knew each other but we did have a great time! :) The photographer even was cool and ended up coming over and taking a bunch of pictures of the girls a few months later for his portfolio. Win-Win for both of us! :) We spent the next four months or so filming in different parts of the city and surrounding areas. I was so tired from the pregnancy but they were great about working around my stuff, growing belly, etc.

The entire movie was unscripted, which means we were improv-ing the whole time! We had basic storyline to go with for each scene (which were created as we filmed) but that was about it! Once the film had been edited, we had a showing at a local old-timey movie theater. That was super exciting to have all of our friends come and watch the movie, on a real movie screen in a real theater! We had a Q&A afterwards and it really was just splendid and so much fun!! We even signed autographs!! Ha!! I was really proud of myself, even if it was just a little movie. I wish I had been taking more pictures back then! I have zero pictures of the event! :( We had so much fun making Rick & Roddy (that's the movie title, more or less)It'll always be dear and near to my heart! Here is the trailer! Enjoy! {I recommend playing it with the HD Off.}

{And here is the second trailer! Again, HD Off is my recommendation!}

{I believe it to be rumored that the entire movie is available online somewhere to either watch or download. For free, of course! I'm not completely sure but I think it is up there somewhere. If you can find it, then I give you permission to watch it. :) Haha!}

We submitted the film to Sundance that year and sadly were rejected. Oh well. There will be more opportunities in the future! Like the one I had on Sunday! I spent the afternoon filming a music video for a local band at a nearby warehouse near my home. The guy, his name is Scott ~ I should really just stop calling him 'the guy', who put together Rick & Roddy, was filming/directing the video and needed extras. I was called in to be one of the band member's girlfriends. Can I just say that first of all ~ these "guys" were really KIDS. Like children. Okay, they were 22/23 but I swear I thought they were 16 years old at first! Hahahaha! We had lots of fun filming and it only took a few hours. I won't give away the whole theme of the video but there are zombies involved. I will post the video once it's complete!! I did not take pictures. Left my camera at home... boo. I know, so wishing I had pictures of it now!

So Scott is working on a depressing love story right now, and guess who is going to be in it??? Yours truly!! I'm super excited to do some more acting and this movie will be more scripted so that will be nice. {Improv is fine but when the creative juices aren't flowing it can get awkward.} This won't be happening for a few more months but I will keep you posted!

It feels so very great to be back in my old shoes, even just for a day every once in a while. I LOVE acting. I LOVE presenting a new story, dressing up in costumes, the feedback from a pleased audience {or even from a not-so-pleased audience}. When I became a Mom, I felt like my whole existence of "ME" burst into a trillion pieces and landed all over the world. I completely lost My Self. When I work on "creative" projects, like filming, or spend time with my best friends when we get to visit, or when I do the little things that make me happy ~ I find these little pieces of me that burst away so many years ago {meh... not really that long ago}, and I pick them up and put them back in my "ME Pocket". And I'm reminded that I just have to go out and find them because they'll be waiting for me wherever they landed.

I love finding Me. I'm usually not as far away as I let myself think I am. :) 

Thanks for stopping by my blog to read the other half of this story! Hope you enjoyed it! It's just a piece of my life I thought I'd share. :) 

If you missed the first half of this story, you can find it here. :) 

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