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Friday, February 25, 2011

Project365 ~ 50 to 56

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Project365 ~ Days 50 to 56

 {Running on Empty}

 {Snowdrop's first time on her 'new' bike!}

 {Sister Love}

 {The Poor Man's Tea Table & Chairs (diaper boxes)}

 {I love this one!}

 {Baking Cookies}

{Hendrix is hiding and Snowdrop wants her to play!}

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  1. And yes, my baby has worn the same t-shirt for 4 days! I guess that means she needs a bath tonight. ;)

  2. Just remembered we did laundry on Wednesday night and washed that t-shirt. So she's not THAT dirty. Hahahaha

  3. Love Snowdrops expression as she waits for cookies! AND boxes... who needs toys when they have boxes!! GREAT FUN! =)

  4. Yeah! She was so excited. It was actually her first cookie ever (Oatmeal) and I only let her have a couple bites. I still think she's too young to give sweets! But she was SO EXCITED watching the cookies bake up! :)

  5. I am trying, but because of your permissions, I cannot seem to grab your button... please email it to me and I will place it on my blog!

  6. Hi!
    Great shots! Love day 55's shot. She's adorable. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  7. Great photos. Love the sister love and baking cookies. So cute!

  8. running empty. lol I ran out of gas today on a hill in the snow... it was nooo good. noooo good.