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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Bit About Our Bathroom Update

So. If you read my previous blog post than you know that my camera to computer connector is broken. So I can't upload pictures. Which means... that I can't post the "After" pictures for this post. Totally lame, right? Haha! I've decided to go ahead and post this anyways, without the After pictures. I figure at the very least it is something to read. Once I figure out the camera situation {which WILL be this week} I will post the After pictures.

This is our bathroom. Shared by all five of us! It's not big. It's not ridiculously tiny. But it's a tight fit. And blue. Blue floors, blue walls... and three different kinds of "metal" (brass, silver, and chrome... seriously, who designed this house???!!!)

I use the term "update" very loosely. We have no spare money and no real plans. And our house isn't falling apart or anything. It's just STUCK in another time, and designed by people without eyes. It's just not "mine" and I want to walk in the door and feel like it is. You know? We own this house. We're not renting, so I'm excited to do these things ~ my husband is totally against it for the main reason that he just doesn't care if the house is painted a color we like. Men. Humph. He probably couldn't even tell you what room our bedroom is painted. Seriously!!

We're not ~ yet ~ replacing the cabinet/countertop, and the toilet and tub are fine. I'd LOVE to replace the floor tile but it's not in unusable condition, it's just gross-blue... but if I can find a box of nice large tile for $5, I'm gonna go for it! Eventually the cabinet is going to go (because the top is cracked) and we'll find something nice to replace it. Something nice = something inexpensive and in great condition from Re-Store!! {If you are doing home renovations/rehab/updates, I encourage you to check out your local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for... everything! I always feel better when I know my money goes towards something good, rather than to just Big Old Corporate Giants.}

Anyways, the plan was thrown in to action when I scored a $4 gallon of paint from our local paint store. Then the kids went to Gigi's for a sleepover on Friday and fate was sealed. My bathroom was finally going to get painted!


The Minor Update Cost Breakdown:
New Towels ~ $12.00 (I like to round to the next highest number.)
Towel Hooks ~ $6.00 ($3 each)
Paint ~ $5.00 ($4 plus tax)
Paint Supplies ~ "FREE!" (Leftovers from old project, cost doesn't count to me.)

Minor-ly Updated Bathoom ~ $23, plus about 8 hours total 'demolition', work, clean-up.

Making the Bathroom {somewhat} "Ours" ~ Priceless. (You had to know that was coming.)

I like the new color, but I'm not crazy about it. Turns out, during the daytime it's a little more on the mauve side of tan than I'd like to be. Although it seems more tan at nighttime in the electric light. It's way better than the blue that was in there and I'm frankly just really glad to have it painted. I feel like it's a whole new room. :)

I'd like to eventually (IE. before we replace it/maybe instead of replacing it) paint the cabinet a very dark brown. I think it would look nice with the walls and the towels. I'm also planning on replacing the very brass light fixture. Ick. Actually, I'm probably just going to paint it the same color as the cabinet. Another thing I'm interested in doing to all the mirrors in our home is framing them out. I think it looks SO much nicer, and can really update a plain old wall/bathroom mirror.

What's on your list of Home Improvements?

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  1. Paint does so much for a room!! Can't wait to see the improvements! Sorry 'bout the camera... =\