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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Announcing a Weekly Fun Thing!! Link up!! Play Along!!

{so I like this button a lot, but I want it to say something like "Seen & Heard Saturday with..." but I can't think of a name. theUnexpectedWorldofMommyhood is just so. freaking. long. And I'm so tired of writing it out every time I need to! It still applies to my life but it really is just long. I'm currently brainstorming for a new, and shorter, blogname.}

Wow, a Weekly Fun Thing? Really? Is that the best I could come up with?? Laughable!! Anyways... when I was keeping my old blog over at Wordpress, I did a Saturday feature called Seen & Heard Saturdays! It's a great way to write down those funny, cute, or weird things our kids say and do (or even things you've may have seen or heard out and about) and I intend on doing it every week this year! (Well, from now on, haha!) I'll include a linky each week so you can link up with your own Seen & Heard Saturday post! Please include my button in your post so others can link up and play along, too!

The first Seen & Heard Saturday starts this Saturday, January 15th, so be sure to write stuff down & take pictures this week so you can link up!

I'm going to post my Seen & Heard Saturday for this past week today (yes, I know it's Sunday!) so you can kind of see what I mean. It doesn't have to be lengthy, there is no requirement for number of pictures, quotes, etc ~ this is for fun and is sort of like a quote-book project. Actually, I used to keep a quote-book in college, and let me tell you it STILL makes my belly ache from laughing when I read it. I hope for many of us, this will be an easy way to keep track of those words we want to remember and the little moments in our childrens' lives that should be noted ~ you know, eating boogers one million times a day and snuggles between sisters and lovies getting to play with toys too.

Without further ado, here is my example of what I'll be posting on Seen & Heard Saturdays!

Seen & Heard Saturday

{seen: a tiger reading a book}

{seen: one 3 year old wearing big girl u.nd.er.we.ar. over her diaper. i believe we're just about ready to officially be potty trained!} (Note: you don't NEEd to include a picture with your 'seen' moment!!)

Current "When They Grow Up" Occupations, per Junie & Mags:
Junie will be a Doctor. Mags is going to be Candymaker. Snowdrop is going to be Santa Claus. And Daddy is going to be a Reindeer when he grows up.
Mommy just gets to be Mommy forever.

"How come Mickey Mouse in't in dis?"~ Mags about why Mickey Mouse isn't in Toy Story, even though it's a Disney movie (she recognized the castle in the beginning...) Very good observation, Miss Magnolia! :) I also don't know why! :)

"It working! It working!!" ~ Junie singing from the bathroom. Mags is on the pot. And I'm shouting "One person in the bathroom at a time!! One person ONLY!!!" But there they are, the two of them cheering each other on. LOL. :)

"What is this book about?" ~ Junie
"It's a Little Book about God." ~ Me
"Oh, like Mary & Joseph & God!" ~ Junie
I really love those little connections she makes between all the different things we teach her about our religion! Another God quote coming up...

"Are you going to get married and make me a grandpa some day?" ~ Hubby
"No." ~ Magnolia
"I'm gonna get married." ~ Juniper
"Oh, who are you going to marry?" ~ Hubby
"God." says Junie. "I want to be Juniper God." (instead of Juniper Lastname)

{While talking about letters}
"And what is the Letter M for?"~ Me
"Mommy.... and Monkeys!!!" ~ Magnolia
"Moon!!" ~ Juniper
"Great job girls! Anything else for the letter M?" ~ Me
"Mutton!" ~ Juniper
{And I'll note it was indeed Mutton, not Mitten or Mountain, as she corrected me when I tried correcting her! Where did she pick up the word "Mutton"? LOL!}


Hopefully I'll have a little more stuff to share with you next week! AND hopefully you'll have some good stuff to share with me next week! See you next Saturday for Seen & Heard Saturday!

{well, I'll be around before then but you know what I mean...}

EDITED: I edited this post to add the Linky (which was WAY easier than I expected it to be, ThankyouverymuchBrentRiggs!) Feel free to add your post this week, if you want! Even though it's Sunday! :) I'll link up again on Saturday for a new Seen & Heard Saturday!


  1. I edited this to add the Linky. I figured it out. Easy peasy! :)

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