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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shutterfly is Making My Holiday EASY PEASY! :)

The Holiday Season is upon us. Dun dun dun... oh wait. It's probably not going to be that scary, thankyouverymuch, Shutterfly.

See, they have these really fantastic holiday cards and well, you really should head on over there to see them yourself! They've got folded ones, flat ones, ones with lots of pictures, ones with one picture, black & whites, ones with color! It's not just holiday cards either; they've got invitations, too! And you can make calendars so you can enjoy your pictures all year long!
It really is pretty neat ~ and for someone like me who has little time to make Christmas cardsanymore (and who thrives on a digital world), well it's a lifesaver! I'm finally going to give in and order Christmas cards this year (from Shutterfly). I usually craft ours from scratch ~ but it always ends up with me in a tizzy trying to make everything "look nice" and get in the mail on time. Shutterfly will leave me with a hassle-free holiday! (Well, at least the Christmas card part!)

I haven't made a final decision. But I really like these folded ones. And I'll tell you why!

I think the monogram on this one below looks really smart, and I like the floral print in the middle box. It makes me think of the word Baroque & of things that are French. And I like that! I have three kids... so the three picture blocks appeal to me. These colors are fantastic, too! Our third daughter was born in December and her nursery is actually a combination of green & red ~ similar to the green & red shown on this card! Such a lovely winter combination with colors other than white & blue! I love this one. But my only reserve about it is that I can't change the "Happy Holidays" part. I'm a "Merry Christmas" kind of person.
I also really liked this card (below). It's simple. Swirly like a winter snow ~ appropriate to send to friends & family of all religions and traditions. And Classically Christmas! :) I wonder if it glitters?

My favorite folded card though, is this one (below). And if I decide to use a folded card, I'm totally going with this one! I'm going to use a picture from the apple farm that my sister took of my girls, for the main photo. They're sitting in front of a haystack & I dressed them all in red outfits... so they coordinate. Hey, it helps to plan ahead for pictures!! (Apple Farm & Pumpkin Farm outings are the perfect place to snap a great Christmas card photo!)
Each girl will get her own picture along the bottom. I don't include me or my husband in our cards ~ just the kids! :) I love this card! The collage part is fantastic ~ I'll get to show of several pictures of my girls. I don't know what I'll write inside ~ something along the lines of "May Your Christmas be Blessed & Your New Year the Best". I'll probably change the font to something a little more scripty if I can, for the inside. This will definitely be the card I pick if I go with a folded card.
I say "IF" because... well.... there's always something great about a flat card, too. Especially ones with scalloped borders!! (I'd love to put a scalloped border on... everything!) Like these ones:
(Above.) I was saying this earlier, how red & green go so well together! This green is pretty perfect. Simply divine! I really like that the red is more of a crimson red, than classic christmas red. It's just so cute! :) And I like that the message can be personalized (and I won't have to hand sign EVERY card)!!! :) (Sidenote: How cute is that kid on the left? I just want to squeeze those cheeks!)
This last one is cute, too. I like it better than the first flat card except that the pictures aren't very equal. I still might go with it though ~ we didn't do birth announcements (I should have had Shutterfly do them!) for our most recent born so this Christmas card is kind of like her introduction, so she could have the big picture! This flat card goes along with the one above in color & general style. But it's portrait-layout, instead of landscape-layout. A matter of opinion really. I really like the thick red band around the center, and the font that 'Merry Christmas' is written in.

Decisions decisions. I do have time to decide, I know. Shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards! So maybe I'll buy my cards early this year and have everything ready to mail by Dec 1st! Go to http://www.shutterfly.com/ and check out all their awesome holiday cards, invitations, announcements, and more! :)

Happy Holiday Carding! :)

If you would also love to receive 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, click on this link!

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