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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Blue Door Makeover!

I receive many comments on our blue door. How much y'all like it! Thanks!! I like it too! Came with the house!! Here's the thing though. We've gotta repaint. And we're hoping to list the house by next summer so we're giving everything a fresh coat!

I definitely want to keep the blue door (sometimes I imagine us taking it to our next house because... I'm weird like that), but I want to change the trim/accent colors. I'm not crazy about the current colors (two shades of green). And I plan on keeping the blue as close as possible to the color it is now. My only issue is choosing the trim/accent colors. I have no idea which way to go ~ bright, muted, white/black, white/red (is that too July 4th? I was thinking like a deep cherry/creamy white, not Yankee Doodle red/white/blue) .... the possibilities really are endless. OR do we get rid of the blue door all together and pick something else that's just as cheerful?

And I'd love to know what you think about paint colors!!!

Leave me a comment (please. pretty pretty please.) and tell me what colors you think would go well with that sort of blue. We'll be painting the trim around the windows to match the colors on the door (not sure yet if we'll make the window trims blue or go with one of the door accents as the main window trim color - did you follow that?). So... keep in mind that these colors aren't just for the door, we'll be putting them on the windows too. Maybe I'll figure out how to make one of those polls and I can take a poll once I get some actual colors picked out.

My husband has no opinion and looks at me with E-G-O (...Eyes Glazed Over, my dad made that up when I was a teenager...) any time I mention anything related to home improvement, specifically painting or redecorating. Therefore, I'm really in charge of the whole thing. And since I can't figure it out, I'm asking you for help! :)
So please!!! Tell me in the comments section!!!
What colors should I paint my door?
I almost posted the picture below as my example photo of our door. Then I decided that the girls detracted from the actual DOOR which was the purpose of this post. So I found a picture of just the door and used that instead.
Then, I decided to post this one anyways cause it always makes me laugh.
Mardi Gras 2010. Let's hope they don't get this many beads when they're 18.


  1. ummm. I am not a good designer. Maybe blue and brown? i don't know though.

  2. I would keep it as neutral as possible. You don't want to put too much color into a house if you're selling it.

    White trim... grey house is my vote! With the blue door of course. I'd paint the doors trim to match the house trim too. That's me. :)

  3. Love the blue door and the photo of your girls...priceless! I hope they don't get that many beads at 18 either!